The annual Friends of UVM Baseball Calcutta will take place on Saturday April 14th starting at 4pm @ Finigans (on College St in Burlington).  

Tickets are $75 with the option for insurance ($10).  The last person standing has the chance to win $1500 with all other proceeds going to help support the club team and the groups goal of bringing back division 1 baseball to UVM.

Other details:

- you are allowed 1 guest

- food will be provided by Papa Franks

- and other door prizes will be given out during the event


Reach out to Jim Carter (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you are interested in buying a ticket.

Go out and purchase the July 2017 edition of the Vermont Magazine.  Great article about baseball at UVM and the desire to bring it back that is growing stronger every day!

We have met over 60 times (nearly every month)

Met with AD Corran - Packard

Met with AD Corran - Hockenbury, Davis, Packard

Met with VP Gustafson - Davis, Carter

Met with President Sullivan - Packard/Carter

UVM Board of Trustees vote to reinstate baseball/softball - May 16, 2009 (9 - 13)

Students: Maulucci, Roberts, Sullivan, Bernard met with AD Corran

Celebration of 1893 UVM Team - Riverside Avenue - April, 2011

Commemorate Athletic Park (Charlebois, Riverside Avenue, Burlington) Historic Site Marker

250+ BRING IT BACK lawn signs

Lauren Schnepf, Senior Staff Writer


After an 8-year push by students and the community, steps were made to bring back UVM varsity baseball.

SGA President Jason Maulucci met with the Friends of UVM Baseball committee on Jan. 28 to work out a plan to reinstate the team. Varsity baseball was discontinued at UVM in 2009.

Friends of UVM Baseball called the meeting after SGA passed a resolution stating that they supported the effort to bring back Division I baseball and softball to UVM, club baseball coach James Carter said.

SGA and Friends of UVM Baseball, hope to work with big-ticket donors to raise $4-6 million to create a program, Maulucci said.

While SGA has met with the committee on multiple occasions, this is the first time there has been a real step forward, he said.

There has been an ongoing discussion to bring the team back for several years.

The previous athletic director was not receptive to the cause, but the new director, Jeffrey Schulman is, Carter said.

“I understand and respect the passion of the Friends of UVM Baseball, but we are not in a position to add another varsity sport if it was at the expense of any of our existing programs,” Schulman said.

For a long time, the goal of the organization was to get the attention of the athletic director and UVM administration, Carter said.

Year       Reg. Season       Playoffs               Total                      Quarter Finals     Semi-finals      Finals

2010           *10-0                   2-0                    12-0                              n/a                      1-0            1-0

2011               6-4                   1-1                    7-5                               1-0                       0-1            ----

2012               9-3                   1-1                    10-4                              1-0                      0-1            ----

2013             *9-3                   0-1                     9-4                               0-1                      ----             ----

2014               9-2                   2-1                    11-3                              1-0                      1-0            0-1

2015           *10-2                    0-1                    11-3                              0-1                      ----            ----

2016             *9-1                    1-1                    10-2                             1-0                       0-1           ----_

Totals          62-15                 7-6                   69-21                              4-2                      2-3           1-1

Win %         .805                  .538                   .767


Club Team Achievements

4 Time Division Champions (2010, 2013, 2015, 2016)

Qualified for Playoffs all 7 Years (4-2 record in Quarterfinals + 1 Bye)

Reached Semi-Finals 5 times in 7 years (2-3 record)

Reached Championship Game 2 times in 7 Seasons (1-1 record)

Won League Championship in 2010


UVM Player Awards


Hello Austin & Alex,

After reading and re-reading your your Friday, July 1 Free Press narrative on Robert Corran's 13 years as AD at UVM I have a few thoughts.

Certainly it is a glorification, almost a coronation of Mr. Corran with minimal input into his shortcomings. When Mr. Corran was hired in 2003 he announced 3 major goals under his stewardship (check the Free Press report on this):


We all know how that has progressed. The latest number UVM reported was $2,000,000 raised out of the $60,000,000 needed.


Most anyone you might ask would say the Castleton University has that recognition by adding over 10 successful sports programs in those 13 years. UVM has eliminated 6 sports.


In 2009, UVM got rid of its baseball and softball programs due to financial cuts and some groups are lobbying to bring it back.

With a new athletic director on the horizon, many involved in the process of returning baseball to the University of Vermont are hoping for positive changes in the near future.

Go to the UVM Cynic website to read more

We have met over 60 times (nearly every month)

Met with AD Corran - Packard

Met with AD Corran - Hockenbury, Davis, Packard

Met with VP Gustafson - Davis, Carter

Met with President Sullivan - Packard/Carter

UVM Board of Trustees vote to reinstate baseball/softball - May 16, 2009 (9 - 13)

Students: Maulucci, Roberts, Sullivan, Bernard met with AD Corran

Celebration of 1893 UVM Team - Riverside Avenue - April, 2011

Commemorate Athletic Park (Charlebois, Riverside Avenue, Burlington) Historic Site Marker

250+ BRING IT BACK lawn signs

With the recent announcement in the Free Press (10/23, 10/24) of UVM Athletic Director Bob Corran retiring, we would hope that the National Search Committee would look to a qualified Vermonter to be interviewed for that position. We feel that UVM has over the past 10 years years become less and less of "Vermont Athletic School". The 2015 UVM fall teams of Field Hockey, Men and Womens's Soccer and Men and Women's Cross Country have a total roster of 130 athletes with 16 Vermonters (12%). The Friends of UVM Baseball has since February 20, 2009 keep the fire going to BRING IT BACK for baseball. UVM baseball over the years always had between 25% and 50% Vermont High School graduates on the roster. Under Vermont High School graduates; Coaches Ralph Lapointe (Winooski High) Jack Leggett (South Burlington High) and Bill Currier (Essex Junction High) the UVM teams were very competitive over the past 60 years. Centennial Field is considered by many to be the finest collegiate baseball field in New England. UVM baseball was suspended once before in the 1970's and reinstated. It is time to BRING IT BACK. For more information of the Friends of UVM Baseball go to our website:

Friends, went to the Vermont Mountaineers game last night in 
Montpelier. What a community, step back in time production the 
Mountaineers staff puts on and a very good "product" on the field. 
Brian Gallagher, General Manager of the Mountaineers, the past 2 years 
has put our BRING IT BACK (previously on the CCTA busses) on the Press 
Box. This year he has placed it on the side of the stadium where 
EVERYONE coming into Recreation Field can see it. Awesome spot. Thanks Brian.

Also thanks Kyle for allowing us to put the BRING IT BACK  banner on 
the outfield fence at Centennial for the high school state 
championships this past weekend. Jim Carter

Friends, what an effort by Kyle Bostwick and the Lake Monsters ground crew and staff in putting on this past weekends Vermont High School Baseball State Championships at Centennial. Just a sensational experience for those high school kids and their fans. Can you imagine being 16 years old and coming up from Ludlow (Black River Academy), being introduced to the crowd, with your picture on the video-tron and playing in your state's high school championship. A lifetime experience. We, the Friends, can be proud that with the support and cooperation of the Lake Monsters, 3 years ago, were instrumental in bringing the championships back to Centennial. Congratulations!

Friends, lets take a look at the UVM athletic year (2014/15) and
records of the 18 teams.

Just east of campus sits a piece of history. It’s fair to assume that many students will never visit Centennial Field, let alone understand what it’s meant to generations of students and Vermonters alike.

read more @Vermont Cynic Website

Jim Carter will be on the local 101.3 local ESPN show Saturday at 11am. Listen or call in 655 6672. Topics are Club Team activities and BRING IT BACK momentum.  The Club Team is scrimmaging at Rice Saturday at 1pm.

We had a terrific Calcutta on Saturday at Finnigan's. A boisterous but civil crowd was assembled. Many of the Friend's members participated either by selling tickets (we sold out before the Calcutta), buying tickets or getting "door prizes'". Thank you to Daren, Barry C., Jeff D. Rick F., Hock, Tom, Mike, Steve, Bob, Kyle, Rick H, Mark, John, Don, Pete, Peter, John, TJ and Paul for your support. Hope I didn't miss someone. We have $6500 in hand with 10 folks that I should get their $75 this week. I was pleased that so many Club Team members bought or sold tickets and showed up. In talking with some of you last night our next step will be get some key Friend members and a few students to meet with the "right" UVM Administrators and tell them of our "recent activities and traction". We are not going away! Having 7 of the legislators that are also UVM Board of Trustees sign the House of Representatives Resolution was a key development. Also thank the following "door prize" donors for the their contribution.

On Friday (March 20th) members of the Friends of UVM Baseball and Softball, former UVM Baseball and Softball players and current Club Team Baseball and Softball players assembled in the Well of the House Representatives to hear the Resolution read in support of UVM baseball and softball and the history of Centennial Field. The Resolution was sponsored, signed and supported by many legislators including 7 of the 8 legislators on the UVM Board of Trustees. This reading was followed by an unanimous vote of approval of the 150 member House and culminated with rousing ovation. Before and after the reading the group members met casually and talked about BRING IT BACK with individual legislators. There were many, many favorable responses by individual House and Senate members.

read the resolution here:

The University of Vermont Baseball Program has a long, proud tradition dating back to the 1880’s.  During this period, hundreds of Vermont high school graduates have donned the Green and Gold representing not only UVM but also their home state of Vermont.  Baseball has always been one of the most successful athletic programs at UVM.  In 2009, the athletic department cut both Baseball and Softball due to budget concerns.  The following facts will illustrate that this was a poor, short sighted decision.

A perfect gift for a University of Vermont Baseball alum or supporter to share in the history and restoration of Historic Centennial Field!

Centennial Field, first opening in 1906, has served as the backdrop of thousands of professional, collegiate, and local baseball memories for over a century!  The Vermont Lake Monsters, along with Preservation Trust of Vermont has a created a special opportunity to become part of the legacy of this historic structure.  For a one time cost $ 100, a person can be honored with a seat plaque on one of the seats currently on display at Centennial Field.  Each donation is eligible for tax deduction through Preservation Trust of Vermont.

Either as a birthday, holiday, graduation or any other special occasion gift, dont miss out on this chance to be a part of the deep history of Centennial Field.  For further information, or to secure your plaque, please visit:

Friends,  just returned from the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting and the 1 hour and 15 minute discussion to BRING IT BACK (baseball and softball). After much questioning, discussion and listening the Resolution was a proposed as: "The Student Government Association supports the return of Division 1 baseball and softball to the University of Vermont". There were many whereas and the bottom line vote was, 32 YES, 2 no, 1 abstention. It was truly a good day for The Friends and the BRING IT BACK movement. Congratulations for all that you have done since our group was founded back in 2009. Again we all know that it is not going to happen next week, next month probably not next year, however "the train keeps going in the right direction".

Be well, Jim