The annual UVM baseball alumni game will take place on Sunday October 2nd at 5pm.

The fulll schedule for that day can be seen below:

Sunday, October 2

8:15 - 8:40 SMC hit in tunnel (NO CLEATS)

8:40 - 9:05 Norwich hit in tunnel (NO CLEATS)

9:00 - 9:10  SMC infield

9:10 - 9:20 Norwich infield

9:25 - Ground Rules

9:30 First pitch (Norwich home team)

11:30 - 6 innings or 2 hours game ends

Noon - Norwich vs SMC (home team)  First pitch

1:45 - Black Sox hit in tunnel (NO CLEATS)

2:15 - Black Sox infield

2:25 - Ground rules

2:30 - Norwich vs Black Sox (home team) first pitch

4:30 - 6 innings or 2 hours game ends

3:30 - Club Team/Alumni hit in tunnel - (NO CLEATS)

4:30 - Alumni vs Club Team (home team) first pitch

Game ends after 6 innings or 2 hours

Help James (groundskeeper wrap up and pickup)

Concession will be available - hot dogs, hamburgers, drink, and cookies - minimal prices

If our NECBA game on Saturday gets weathered out this event will be cancelled. I will call coaches to tell them "no game".

The alumni game this year will take place on Sunday October 4th starting at noon.  All alumni please arrive around 10:30 to sign in and warm up... we will have a bbq afterwards for all alumni, club team members, and family and friends.


If you are planning to attend please send Jim Carter an email to let him know.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sunday a beautiful day a Centennial with the Alumni/Club "game". Quantity was down a bit, but those guys can still hit. Great to have Coach Currier there. We had players from the decades of the '60's, '70's, '80's, 90's and 2000. Thanks Friends members; Peter, John. Don, Daren and Barry for helping out. A barbecue followed the "game" for some social interaction among players and the alumni.  Also thanks go out to the Lake Monsters for their support in getting the field ready.

Alumni from as far back at 1953 (Bernie Ravenna) and as recent as 2009 (Joe Serafin ) and a bunch of folks in between showed up for our 4th Annual "game". Players that played for Coaches LaPointe, Leggett, Stone and Currier were in attendance. No score was kept, but there were some bombs hit.

Centennial Field was home again this weekend to UVM Baseball Alumni on Sunday. Players from every decade back to the 1950's set foot on the historic park, some for the first time in years. It was a special time for the UVM Club Team members to hear stories (some of them even true) of playing for Coaches Lapointe, Leggett, Stone and Currier. Certainly Centennial has changed in appearance since those earlier days, but the the spirit, passion and memories will be there forever.

STANDING (left to right)
Alex MacDonald, Irvine, CA,
Sean O'Neill, Kingston, RI
Jay Iannoni, 2006
Jeff Greene, 1981
Bernie Ravenna, 1953
Daren Cassani 1991
Dick Cassani, 1963
Jim Murdock, Trainer
Steve Blout, Duxbury, MA
Jason Lefebvre, 2000
Kyle Trebour, Chatham, NJ
TJ Valley, 1981
Seanan Keleher, Pomfret, VT
Derek Amodei, Carlisle, MA
Barry Chamberland, 2004
Cole Depuy, Newtown, CT
Miguel Magrass, 2007
Dan Martin, South Burlington, VT
Kyle Brault 2006
Parker Forsley, Oakland, ME
Chris Kenseth Montpelier, VT
Jamie Martell, Brattleboro, VT
Jim Carter, Coach 2000-'06
Brendan Hackett, Bellows Falls, VT
SEATED (left to right)
Ralph Vos, 1982
Ed Barry, 1978
John Luter, 1987
Sean Moran, Wilmette, IL
Chris Bernard, Corning, NY
Brian Rembisz, 2007
Tyler Jones, Montgomery, NY
Nick Gallipani, 2007
Dave Seeber, Stratford, CT
Dave DiMarco, Madison, CT

ATTENDING, (but not pictured)
Bill Currier, 1981
Dick DeNicola 1962
Reg Godin, 1962
Mo Castagner 1959
Nick Carmolli, 1962
Tony Adams, friend

The 2011 game took place on October 16th.  It was played at Winooski High School... the Alumni team won 9-2

What a great day for UVM baseball at the First Annual Club-Alumni Celebration. Alumni from every decade back to the 1950's showed up to celebrate UVM baseball.

Alumni - Sitting left to right (years they played):
Jeff Greene (80-82), Joe Serafin (05-09), John Luter (84-87), Garin Clough (99-02), Don Picard (90-94), Jim Chapman (04-08), Bryan Rembisz (04-08), Brandon Miles (04-08), Mike Talbot (88-91), Scott O'Brien (91-94), Darren Cassani (87-91)
Standing left to right:
T.J. Valley (74-78), Damon Brink (90-94), Miguel Magrass (04-08), Jeff Dixon (99-03), Jeff Nolet (06-09), Jason LeFebvre (96-99), Justin Bissonnette (00-04), Kyle Henry (05-08), Eric Thompson (04-08), Keith Carter (95-98), Barry Chamberland (00-04), Dick Cassani (60-63), Dick Boutilier (62-64). Not shown Nick Gallipani (04-08), Jay Iannoni (02-06)

One of the highlights was the appearance of Bernie Ravenna class of 1953 from Woodbury, NJ. Last time he was on Centennial Field was in May of 1953 when he pitched a 5-0 shutout over Dartmouth College