With the recent announcement in the Free Press (10/23, 10/24) of UVM Athletic Director Bob Corran retiring, we would hope that the National Search Committee would look to a qualified Vermonter to be interviewed for that position. We feel that UVM has over the past 10 years years become less and less of "Vermont Athletic School". The 2015 UVM fall teams of Field Hockey, Men and Womens's Soccer and Men and Women's Cross Country have a total roster of 130 athletes with 16 Vermonters (12%). The Friends of UVM Baseball has since February 20, 2009 keep the fire going to BRING IT BACK for baseball. UVM baseball over the years always had between 25% and 50% Vermont High School graduates on the roster. Under Vermont High School graduates; Coaches Ralph Lapointe (Winooski High) Jack Leggett (South Burlington High) and Bill Currier (Essex Junction High) the UVM teams were very competitive over the past 60 years. Centennial Field is considered by many to be the finest collegiate baseball field in New England. UVM baseball was suspended once before in the 1970's and reinstated. It is time to BRING IT BACK. For more information of the Friends of UVM Baseball go to our website: friendsofuvmbaseball.com