The University of Vermont Baseball Program has a long, proud tradition dating back to the 1880’s.  During this period, hundreds of Vermont high school graduates have donned the Green and Gold representing not only UVM but also their home state of Vermont.  Baseball has always been one of the most successful athletic programs at UVM.  In 2009, the athletic department cut both Baseball and Softball due to budget concerns.  The following facts will illustrate that this was a poor, short sighted decision.

  1. Only 23% of the current freshman class at UVM is comprised of Vermonters.
  2. Currently there are 90 Vermont high school graduates playing college baseball at other universities or colleges including 9 that are playing at Division I schools.
  3. Baseball always had the highest percentage of Vermonters participating, always ranging between 25-50%.  Currently only 13% of UVM athletes are Vermonters.
  4. During the last 10 years, baseball had a record of 133 wins and 100 losses within America East League play.
  5. During Bill Currier’s 22 years as head coach 1987-2009, player graduation rate was 95%.
  6. During the last 10 years baseball was played, UVM had more players drafted by Major League Teams  than any other current America East schools.
  7. From 2000-2009, native Vermont players have received numerous awards:
    • America East Player of the Year- Kyle Brault, Milton.
    • America East Pitcher of the Year- Jamie Merchant, Colchester.
    • America East Rookie of the Year- Jeff Barry, Essex.
  8. Since 2009 the UVM Athletic Budget has increased dramatically, from $15,370,368 in 2009 to $18,389,541 in 2015.  The total athletic budget increase is 20% but the following sports illustrate a much larger increase.

    Men’s Basketball 38% increase   
    Current budget  $1,509,238.00
    Women’s Basketball 32% increase 
    Current budget  $1,409,201.00
    Men’s Lacrosse 79% increase      
    Current budget  $972,297.00
    Women’s Lacrosse 69% increase  
    Current budget  $848,907.00
    Skiing 37% increase  
    Current budget  $1,048,123

  9. The budget for UVM baseball in 2009 was $585,605.00
  10. The Athletic Administration (administrators’ salaries) budget in 2009 was $419,125.00.  The current Athletic Administration budget is $908,846.00, an astounding 117% increase since 2009.
  11. Compared with 2009, Victory Club (Athletic Fundraising) donations have dropped by $224,000.00, a 22% decrease.
  12. UVM employs 8 Athletic Directors for 18 programs.
  13. UVM Athletic Director, Robert Corran, states that an endowment ($30 million) is needed to Bring Back Baseball and Softball, while no sports at UVM are endowed.
  14. UVM’s Historic Centennial Field has been home to the Catamounts for 102 years and is recognized as one of the “Top 10 Ball Park destinations in the United States”.
  15. The Vermont Lake Monsters have recently invested $2 million into Centennial Field and support the return of UVM Baseball.
  16. In 2009 UVM’s Student Government Association voted 40-0 to reinstate baseball and softball AFTER hearing Corran’s explanation and rationale for eliminating these programs.  On October 21, 2014 the Student Government Association AGAIN voted to reinstate baseball and softball by a margin of 32-2.
  17. During Bill Currier’s 22 years, UVM baseball had the greatest winning percentage of any UVM teams.
  18. Athletic Director Corran opted for “vertical” cuts instead of “horizontal” cuts.  Basically that means he eliminated baseball and softball in lieu of a small decrease in each sport. His reasoning was to keep the other sports more competitive.  During the initial 5 years (90 athletic team seasons) since baseball and softball were cut, UVM teams have had winning seasons only 20 times.  UVM Teams have had losing records a remarkable 78% of the time since 2009.

*This illustrates that the strategy embraced by the UVM Athletic Department in 2009 was unsuccessful and has been detrimental to Vermont student athletes.

*The financial data gathered for this report was obtained from the University of Vermont Athletic Administration citing both the Freedom of Information Act and The Vermont Right the Know Law.